Our team

Author: Jack Adamson

Position: Developer

Education: Higher

Age: 32

Experience: 7 years

Short biography: Jack used to be a keen horse rider for a long time. But for the past two years he has spent all his free time swimming. It’s the best way for him to keep himself in good spirits and in good physical shape.

Author: Andrew Audley

Position: PM

Education: Secondary special

Age: 28

Experience: 4 years

Short biography: Andrew enjoys cricket. During his student years, he played for his university team. After graduating, he hasn’t given up the hobby and at weekends he and his mates get together to play.

Author: Joshua Lowman

Position: Editor-in-chief

Education: Master

Age: 32

Experience: 4 years

Short biography: Over the past three years, Joshua’s main passion has been two-day hiking. Together with his family, he organises the routes and chooses where to stay overnight. Each hike is followed by interesting stories and memorable photos.

Author: Ernest Richards

Position: Designer

Education: Bachelor

Age: 33

Experience: 3 years

Short biography: Ernest decided to conquer one of nature’s elements a few years ago and chose surfing. Thanks to regular training, he has become a skilled surfer and today he can hold his own on 10-metre waves.

Author: Charlie Gibbs

Position: Video editor

Education: Secondary special

Age: 32

Experience: 6 years

Short biography: Charlie is a big fan of mind games. He is especially fond of playing chess. He spends hours and hours competing with his best friend, thinking carefully about his every move. He always wants to be the first one to call checkmate.

Author: Evan Fisher

Position: Author

Education: Higher

Age: 29

Experience: 3 years

Short biography: Evan is a creative person. In addition to being an author, he has a passion for music. He writes compositions in the rock genre and plays them on the electric guitar.