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Second-Generation Cashless Solution by Sightline Launched at Resorts World Las Vegas

Second-Generation Cashless Solution by Sightline Launched at Resorts World Las Vegas

This week Resorts World Las Vegas confirmed the launch of second-generation cashless technology by digital payment solutions provider Sightline. Due to this, a number of updates are introduced at the facility: a single “digital wallet” user experience, biometric authentication and remote identity verification and enrollment for loyalty and payments.

Both firms called the move one that usher in an “experience with unprecedented functionality, greatly enhancing the omnichannel consumer journey”.

The new technology is also aimed to decrease customers’ “time to play”, the major measurable metric to patron adoption of cashless technology.

Now patrons will get more security and comfort as the Resorts World Las Vegas Mobile+ app became the first to deploy a single wallet and to use the biometric features on the patron’s mobile device.

Note that earlier the procedure for guests to play cashless included two steps: switching funds from a personal Play+ account into the wagering account and then transfering funds to a table game or a slot machine. Afterwards, if a player wanted to use funds across the resort, he or she would have to transfer them back to a personal Play+ account.

The updated single wallet makes all these procedures hidden behind the scenes so the user experience is much simplified.

Co-CEO of Sightline Omer Sattar noted that they applauded Resorts World Las Vegas for being so forward-thinking, for working so diligently to create the best possible user experience, and for driving the whole industry forward. Sattar added that groundbreaking technology built on itself and that second-generation made cashless gaming more accessible and a better overall experience for patrons; they looked forward to working with Resorts World Las Vegas on future generations.

SVP of Casino Operators at Resorts World Las Vegas Rick Hutchins noted, in particular, that he was thrilled they’re at the forefront of simplifying the process for their guests by giving them more time to focus on what they came there to do: enjoy themselves.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Nevada’s first casino to enable its guests to create, verify, and fund accounts from any part of the world in just a few minutes.

In other news, Internet Vikings approved to operate in Pennsylvania.

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