Gambling Revenue in Nevada Totaled $1.11 Billion in February

Gambling Revenue in Nevada Totaled $1.11 Billion in February

The authorities of Nevada have published a report showing gambling income in February. It totaled $1.11 billion, which is 44.1% up than in the same month of 2021, and 3.3% up than in January.

Slots are still the most profitable games in Nevada. Because of the simple rules, they are most in-demand among casino visitors. Revenue from them totaled $764.4 million. This figure is 44.0% higher than in February 2021.

Table games revenue was $348.8 million, up 44.3% year-over-year. Baccarat and roulette were especially popular among casino clients.

Sports betting companies also demonstrated good results. The proceeds from their activities amounted to $30.9 million in February. At the same time, visitors actively used their mobile phones for betting. Bets were mainly made on Super Bowl, soccer, and basketball matches.

Despite strong revenue growth, Michael Lawton, an analyst at Control Board Research, thinks that results will become worse in the future. He attributes it to rising gasoline prices, inflation, and economic instability in Europe.

In addition, there are many geopolitical events taking place in the world. They can have a major impact on the amount of income from gambling in Nevada.

However, Michael Lawton doesn’t rule out that March will bring good earnings. This month, the high activity of players in bookmakers was recorded during the NCAA College tournament. But it’s too early to draw conclusions. Data from all Nevada operators won’t be available until the close of the reporting period. The results of their activities will be known only at the end of April. It’s possible that they will surprise many experts.

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