How to Win at Online Roulette in a Casino

How to Win at Online Roulette in a Casino

Simple rules, low risks, and relatively large payouts are the factors that make gambling so popular. Roulette has become widespread due to its full compliance with these parameters. Its rules are easy to understand, even for beginners. Users can apply various roulette strategies to increase profit because roulette’s principles are based on mathematical laws and probability theory. For gamblers who want to receive prizes more often, our editors have prepared an article on how to win at online roulette in a casino.

Getting Started with the Roulette Game

This table game is available in most land-based and online casinos. It can be found in the appropriate section or through the search bar on gambling websites. Before making deposits and risking real money, you have to understand the differences between various versions.

Different Types of Roulette

This table game first appeared over 200 years ago in France. Its popularity grew across Europe and eventually was brought to the United States by immigrants. US casino owners added a second Zero sector to the wheel to increase the house edge. European gamblers, on the contrary, simplified the rules by removing bets typical for French roulette.

The game’s invention is partly attributed to the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal, who used the spinning wheel with the ball trying to invent the perpetual motion machine.

Now, online casinos offer many types of the roulette game. However, there are only 3 common versions.

FrenchThis is the ancestor of all other roulette types. The wheel includes 37 sectors: these are numbers from 1 to 36 and the Zero sector. In addition to the classic bets on numbers, their ranges, and colors, a user can make additional call bets. They can choose a sequence and a specific selection of numbers on the wheel. The La Partage rule is used, which allows players to return half of the bet on equal chances if the Zero comes up.
EuropeanIn European roulette, the numbers on the wheel do not differ from the French roulette. The wheel includes numbers from 1 to 36 and one Zero sector, but there are no called bets and the La Partage rule. If the Zero comes up, you lose.
AmericanIn addition to the usual Zero sector, there is the double Zero. This provides gamblers more betting options, but the house edge is almost doubled compared to European roulette and is 5.25%.

Also, casinos often offer many modified roulette versions. For example, it can be a roulette game with a reduced time for accepting bets, a reduced number of numbers, random additional payout multipliers, etc.

How to Choose a Roulette Wheel

From the mathematics point of view, it is better to play French roulette. The La Partage rule allows players to return half of the bet on equal chances when the Zero comes up, so the house edge in specific draws is reduced to 1.35%. The only problem is that French roulette is not available on every gambling website.

American roulette
American roulette has two Zero sectors

The choice is often reduced to the American and European roulettes. It is more profitable to play the second type. The difference can be minimal within several draws since Zero comes up rarely. However, in the long run, the result still tends to follow the mathematical expectation. In American roulette, you lose money in the same situations where you can win in the European version.

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You can win at online roulette only in full mode with real money bets. However, before risking money, players can test most strategies for free. To do this, you have to launch a game in demo mode. Bets are made with virtual chips that do not have any financial value. As a result, there is no risk of losing your bankroll. It is also impossible to receive real payouts, but the main goal of playing in demo mode is to test strategies.

Demo mode is available only in slots. In games with live dealers, it is not provided.

The results in slots depend on a random number generator. Also, each slot machine has a fixed rate of return on funds (RTP). Therefore, the performance of strategies may differ slightly in comparison with Live mode.

Online Roulette Betting Strategies

Since the probability of each outcome in roulette can be calculated, various mathematical strategies are applicable in this game. There are more than a dozen of them, and they can be divided into two categories.

Progressive Betting

These strategies are based on a sharp bet size increase when a specific result is obtained. Due to this progression, a user can quickly compensate for all previous losses. This becomes their main advantage.

That same progression is the reason for the main disadvantage. Since a bet size has to be doubled or more, this creates significant risks to the bankroll, especially in a long losing streak.

Non-Progressive Betting

This is a less risky type of strategies. They are based on the repetition or gradual bet size increase and the change in predicted outcomes. Thanks to a smoother rate of growth dynamics, these tactics can be used in the long run. This reduces the dispersion effect and protects your bankroll.

However, risk minimization also leads to a more difficult earning of a bankroll. Gamblers have to make several successful bets to compensate for losses.

Online Roulette Strategies that Work

Many up-to-date strategies are adaptations of renowned mathematical formulas developed by scientists. However, several tactics were created exclusively for gambling.

No strategy can guarantee a win at online roulette. They aim to minimize risks and increase the chances of winning.

The imperfection of strategies can be explained by the house edge. Without the Zero sector, a bet on equal chances would lead to success in 50% of cases. But since there is either one or two Zero sectors on the wheel, the probability of winning is 48.65% at best. Therefore, the final result tends to follow the mathematical expectation in the long run. However, in particular draws, the house edge doesn’t affect the final results so much. Therefore, several strategies can be effective.

The Martingale Strategy

Due to its simplicity, this online roulette betting strategy has become the most popular. Its principles are clear even for beginners. It is based on a geometric progression of the bet size.

To play according to the Martingale strategy, you have to follow several steps:

  • Place a bet on even odds, such as red or black.
  • If you succeed, bet on another color. If the result is unsuccessful, repeat your bet but double its size.
  • After receiving payment, return to the initial bet size. With a series of losses, repeat your bet, doubling its size each time.

The first successful spin of the roulette wheel allows you to compensate for all previous losses and receive a small profit.

An example is shown in the table.

Bet numberBet sizeSpin resultOverall result

Theoretically, regardless of the losing streak duration, all losses can be compensated by one bet.

The Martingale strategy in a roulette
Increasing the bets with a series of losses

In reality, you may face problems if you have a small bankroll. The money may simply not be enough for the next bet. Also, a maximum bet size can be limited by a casino.

The D’Alembert Strategy

According to this strategy, a user has to bet on equal chances. If they succeed, they reduce the bet by one step. The step size has to be determined in advance, depending on your bankroll.

Unlike Martingale, there is no way to compensate for all previous losses with one bet. After a losing streak, it may take several successful draws to receive profit. However, risks are also significantly reduced.

For example, a user makes a deposit and decides to bet with $1. In reality, a series of draws can look like this.

Draw numberBet, $ResultBankroll, $

A bankroll has to be divided into several parts so that it is enough for at least 20-30 bets. Otherwise, the online roulette strategy may not work at all.

The D'Alembert strategy in a roulette
The bet size grows with a series of losses

The Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is one of the riskiest and the least mathematically sound. It is based on the Fibonacci sequence numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. If the bet size initially grows smoothly, then the progression becomes more and more radical as a series of losses continues.

According to the Fibonacci strategy, a user has to bet on equal chances. A certain amount of money is initially taken as a unit in a sequence of numbers (for example, $1). In the case of loss, the bet size increases. After a winning spin, it returns to the original number.


Bet numberBet sizeResult of a spinOverall result

At the beginning of the sequence, a bankroll changes slowly.

The Fibonacci strategy in a roulette
Increasing the odds with a series of losses

In the case of 5 or more unsuccessful draws, gamblers can lose a significant amount of money, so a bankroll should allow them to make at least 10 bets on the sequence numbers.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

This strategy works similarly to the classic Martingale. Still, the bet size increases after a successful spin. It remains unchanged or returns to the initial size when you lose.


Bet numberBet sizeResult of a spinOverall result

The main disadvantage of this system is that the first loss completely eliminates all the user’s successful bets. Therefore, the main issue here is to stop in time.

The Labouchere System

This online casino roulette strategy is based on placing bets following a specific pattern. Initially, a user makes up a sequence of numbers. The unit is equal to the initial bet size. The number and value of such numbers may vary depending on a bankroll and preferred level of risk.

For example, the unit is $1. The deposit is $20. This amount has to be divided into a specific sequence. For example:


The initial bet is the sum of two edge numbers, $2. If it turns out to be successful, the edge numbers have to be removed. For the next bet, other numbers have to be summed up. For example, the chain looks like this:


The bet size is $2. If it also wins, the next one has to be $4 (2+2 at the edges). This algorithm has to be followed until the first loss. After a losing draw, the numbers are not removed from the sequence. On the contrary, a new value is added to the right, equal to the amount of the lost bet. If the original chain looked like 1-1-2-2-4-4-2-2-1-1, then when it loses, it looks like this: 1-1-2-2-4-4-2-2-1-1-2.

According to the Labouchere system, you have to go through a full chain. When all numbers are removed from a sequence, you can make a new one.

In reality, the results might look like this.

Bet numberBet sizeChain typeResult of a spinOverall result

Sequences can be more aggressive. But as the step increases, so do the potential risks.

The Parlay System

According to the strategy’s rules, a user has to add the amount received to the next bet after each win. After a loss, you return to the initial value. To receive profit, you have to stop in time.

Bet numberBet sizeResult of a spinOverall result

The main disadvantage of the Parlay strategy is the high level of risk. The longer the winning streak lasts, the more significant losses the first unsuccessful spin can bring.

The Parlay system in a roulette
How the bet size grows according to the Parlay strategy

Therefore, it is recommended not to increase the bet to the end but to return to the initial value after receiving a certain amount of winnings.

How to Choose The Best Roulette Strategy

No single strategy answers the question of how to win at online roulette. Therefore, the ideal system doesn’t exist. Users have to choose a betting strategy based on the level of risk they can afford and their bankroll.

The less money they have on their balance, the less risky the strategy has to be. For example, D’Alembert or Labouchere is a better choice when you have a small bankroll. And with a large bankroll, gamblers can use Martingale or Fibonacci.

Bankroll Management

When applying any strategy and playing roulette, you have to adhere to bankroll management rules. There are several things to consider:

  • A bankroll has to be divided into several parts.
  • The more aggressive a strategy, the bigger a bankroll has to be.

For example, when using the Martingale strategy, there has to be enough money for 7-8 raises. For Labouchere, it is enough to provide two chains.

If you don’t calculate your bankroll ahead of time, a deposit may not be enough to make a required series of bets. Because of this, the effectiveness suffers greatly.

Also, before dividing a bankroll, it is advisable to check bet size limits for the selected roulette version.

Tips on How to Win at Online Roulette

There are no strategies or recommendations that guarantee positive results. Therefore, all the tips listed below have to be considered only as a way to protect your bankroll.

Understand the Odds

Each result has its probability. The higher a payout ratio of a bet, the riskier it is. All strategies described on this page are created for bets on equal chances. These are the bets on red or black, even or odd, over or under. They provide the highest probability of winning at 47.3% in European roulette.

Know Your Limits

To win at online roulette, you have to study bet size limits set by a casino. Otherwise, strategies may not work effectively. It’s better to choose games in which these restrictions are more acceptable.

Random Number Generators

In different games, such as slots and roulette, spin results are determined by built-in software. The random number generator is responsible for this. It relies on the RTP — the percentage of return of a slot machine. Therefore, it is better to use strategies in live games, where results depend on luck and probability theory.

Play Outside Bets

Inside bets can provide large payouts, but a potential reward doesn’t match risks. All popular strategies are designed specifically for outside bets because they lead to wins in almost 50% of cases.

Types of bets in online roulette
Outside bets in roulette

Use Bonuses

Most online casinos offer users to participate in various promotions and receive extra money for registration, deposit, verification, and other actions.

Although wagering of these bonuses occurs mainly in slots, money can also be spent on roulette.

Before activating a promotion, you have to study its terms and conditions. Bonuses differ in size, rules for receiving, and terms of wagering.

Take Losses

Even an online roulette strategy that works can’t protect from risks. Gambling can always lead to bankroll loss, so you have to be prepared for this. It is advisable to determine the amount of money that a user can lose in advance.

Try Different Betting Systems

To understand which strategy works best, try each of them separately. You can test these systems in demo mode with bets on virtual chips. Sometimes less apparent strategies become more successful.

Never Bet Too Much

Don’t try to compensate for losses increasing bet size sharply. You have to follow bankroll management rules and stick to the selected strategy. Otherwise, the risks of losing your bankroll increase.

Find Good Casinos

The popularization of gambling has led to the emergence of hundreds of gambling sites. Each of them offers individual conditions for customers. Before registering at a casino and making a deposit, you have to ensure that it is reliable. Check its license, a game collection, a list of available payment systems, read reviews, etc.

Casinos Always Have an Edge

When answering the question of how to win in roulette online, it is essential to mention the house edge. A casino always gains profit. It’s embedded in the rules of every game. Therefore, in the long run, winning money can be a complicated task. It is better to count on short gaming sessions.


This game version has reduced numbers on the wheel and the playing field.

Most slots and live roulette games provide the ability to study the history of spins. Most often, it is displayed at the bottom of an interface.

These are exclusively three bets: red or black, even or odd, and over or under.

This can be done before the roulette wheel starts. When a rotation begins, it is no longer possible to cancel your bet.

Yes. Providers optimize their games for smartphones and tablets. A game adapts to screen size.

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