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Author: Benjamin Johnson

Position: Developer

Education: Higher

Age: 30

Experience: 5 years

Short biography: Benjamin is really passionate about hockey. He not only enjoys watching his favorite teams play, but also plays on the ice too. Together with his friends, they organize small competitions at the local stadium in Ottawa.

Author: Lucas Trumble

Position: PM

Education: Secondary special

Age: 27

Experience: 4 years

Short biography: He enjoys traveling to northern Canadian cities. As Lucas admits, they are most picturesque during the warm season and the locals are very hospitable. He lives in the south of the country, in Mississauga.

Author: Margaret Walsh

Position: Designer

Education: Higher

Age: 31

Experience: 5 years

Short biography: Margaret has many hobbies, but most often she is interested in dancing. She takes classes in tango, bachata and rumba. It’s a great way for her to get in a great mood while also keeping her body fit.

Author: Samuel Wilson

Position: Editor-in-chief

Education: Higher

Age: 33

Experience: 6 years

Short biography: Samuel is a fan of canoeing. Every weekend he goes with his best friend to the Yukon River and makes a relaxing trip down it, enjoying the beauty of nature and the fresh air.

Author: Peter Roy

Position: Video editor

Education: Higher

Age: 34

Experience: 5 years

Short biography: Peter enjoys smoothbore shooting. Every weekend he and his friends get together at the ranch, near a small barn, they put out glass bottles and compete with each other in a shooting contest.

Author: Leon Smith

Position: Author

Education: Higher

Age: 26

Experience: 3 years

Short biography: He is a big fan of table tennis. At home, Leon has all the necessary facilities for amateur games. He admits that he doesn’t win every time – because his spouse and his best friend don’t give him a head start.

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