Our team

Author: Adam Jones

Position: Developer

Education: Higher

Age: 29

Experience: 4 years

Short biography: Adam has a passion for woodcarving. He uses wood to create small souvenirs for his relatives and friends. It’s a great way for him to get away from his everyday routine and make his family happy with handmade gifts.

Author: Ethan Kors

Position: PM

Education: Bachelor

Age: 27

Experience: 3 years

Short biography: As a child, Ethan and his friends loved to play war games. So it’s not surprising that his current hobby is paintball. He and his mates rent a shooting range on weekends, where they shoot each other with paint-ball bullets.

Author: Ash Williams

Position: Designer

Education: Higher

Age: 34

Experience: 6 years

Short biography: Ash has a passion for mountaineering. Every month he conquers new peaks. But hard physical training follows before that. He assures that without them such extreme sports are not even possible as a usual hobby.

Author: Harold Campbell

Position: Editor-in-chief

Education: Higher

Age: 29

Experience: 5 years

Short biography: Since he was a teenager, Harold has enjoyed tennis. He has an indoor court on the estate. On weekends, he and his friends play doubles and then go on a picnic together by the river.

Author: Phil Walker

Position: Video editor

Education: Higher

Age: 42

Experience: 12 years

Short biography: Phil has many hobbies, but he enjoys fencing the most. It helps him to stay flexible, concentrated and focused. But most importantly, it is a hobby that brings a lot of excitement and emotion. The positive energy lasts for a long time and helps him to achieve great results in his work.

Author: James Anderson

Position: Author

Education: Higher

Age: 29

Experience: 5 years

Short biography: James is a big fan of parachuting. He enjoys a bird’s eye view of the world and the incredible emotions and adrenaline in his blood. Each time he wants to conquer new heights, but always with the support of an experienced instructor.